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Roof Washing

Our roof washing service can restore your roof!

Dark streaks on your house roof are far worse than ugly. They can be a sign of a dying roof. Experts tell us that blue-green or black algae are the precursor to lichen infestation and to moss… all three of which deteriorate the roof shingles to one degree or another. So-called “blue-green algae” actually secrets a black substance that protects itself from the sun’s UV rays and when these dark streaks are seen on a roof, they are the advance warning that stage 2 roof rot (called “lichens” – pronounced “likens”) and stage 3 roof rot (moss) is on the way. Left alone, all 3 types of intruders will attack and shorten the life span of a roof and eventually require the roof to be replaced prematurely and at considerable cost. Usually $1000s

We do the job right

Another danger lies in HOW these fungi, algae or bacteria are removed. Removed the wrong way, the roof will be damaged, the shingle warranty voided, and the roof could need to be replaced much sooner than it should be.

We use the ONLY system that will not void your shingle manufacturer warranty. In fact, our system is Certainteed factory approved. We use a blend of four (4) materials that will kill all 3 stages of fungal or algae or bacterial infestation on the same day the chemicals are applied. You will actually see the dark streaks disappear completely within minutes. The lichens will fall off in a few weeks and the moss in several months. The lichens and moss have longer roots that have dug themselves deeply into the shingles. They die immediately but take time to wither and dry up and eventually let go of the shingles.

The alternative to replacing your roof

You might simply need our soft wash system to clean your dirty roof and save tons of money!

To prevent further unnecessary aging of your roof, roof washing, which is a total kill and removal process needs to be done this year, not next. Every day this total cleaning is postponed is a day your roof’s aging is accelerated.

Soft washing your roof can extend its life

We only use chemicals that are environmentally friendly and kills all mold and dirt on the roof of the residential and commercial structures we are cleaning.

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